How Technology Advanced From the Year 1946-1969

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In the years 1949 to 1969 huge leaps in technology occurred. Here are some leaps that were made in three major areas. The areas that the best advancements were made in, were in computers, communications and finally medical technology. After reading further, you’ll be astounded at the advancements that were made in just a few years after the war.

Computer Technology
Computer technology grew out of efforts with missiles. From early war code encryption efforts, the Apollo space program pushed the development of computers. What started as room sized computers, went to mainframes and later to minicomputers.

Communications Technology
During this same time, communications grew in the form of radar and satellites. Telephone lines also grew more sophisticated. Moon missions required satellite communications, as well as computer communications. This was the dawn of the internet.

Medical Technology
Finally, from the space program, medical developments came at a rapid pace. For instance space blanket technology was developed and later used in medical devices. As technology was required to be shrunken, it naturally helped advancements in the medical industry.

Out of the necessity of war came many advancements in computers, communications and medical devices. As the advancements came and established themselves, it set the stage for even bigger developments in computers down the road.The information doesn-t stop now. Keep looking: Engineers Australia “Australia’s medical technology management needs a re-think”

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